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Increased urbanisation and accessibility can make any location an attractive one

By Yanika Liew

For the longest time, the mantra of property investment was location, location, location. Prime location referred to city areas, where there had been more infrastructure and amenities readily available. Stakeholders would focus on city-centric locations, but in the last few decades, the mantra has changed.

While people are still looking at location, it’s no longer the end all be all of homeownership or property investment. Factors of design, developer preference and amenities have increased in importance.

“The proximity to the city is important but more than that, it is access. So you could live far away, but if you could jump on a train and go anywhere, you would be okay, and if you had amenities, then you would be okay,” Rahim and Co International Sdn Bhd real estate agency chief executive officer Siva Shanker said.


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